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what rio de janeiro carnival is like

Carnival Rio de Janeiro

What is Rio de Janeiro Carnival like? Understand and Prepare for 2023!


The Rio de Janeiro Carnival is one of the most important celebrations in the country and stops the wonderful city for several days.


This party competes with the beautiful beaches and the gorgeous mountains around the city, lasting practically a week, bringing everyone together in one spirit.


Not for nothing, thousands of tourists, from Brazil and abroad, go to take advantage of Rio de Janeiro's carnival week to spend days of intense fun and joy.


One of the highlights of Rio's carnival is that there are options for all tastes and pockets, from the street carnival blocks, open to everyone, to the famous samba school parades on the Marquês de Sapucaí.


If you want to know more about the Rio de Janeiro Carnival and want to prepare yourself to enjoy the revelry in 2023, be sure to follow this text to the end.

Let's go!


what rio de janeiro carnival is like


The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro


The Rio de Janeiro carnival is a very popular party that allows fun for the most diverse audiences, since it has street blocks, the parade of schools in the Sambadrome, and also very glamorous balls.


Today, Rio's carnaval is considered the greatest spectacle on earth, being broadcast, especially the samba school parades, to millions of people.


The city of Rio de Janeiro is crowded and does not stop during the carnival days, which can last for almost a whole week.


However, those who have always been like this are mistaken, for if today there are residents of the capital who travel to other cities to escape the intensity of Rio de Janeiro's carnival, the scenario was different a few years ago.


Until the arrival of the new millennium, the carnival period was one of the quietest for those who wanted to visit Rio de Janeiro.

At this time, it was common for the streets to be empty almost every day, since the Rio de Janeiro carnival was limited to the Sambódromo, for the parades, and to the clubs where the private blocos and balls took place.


Only the Banda de Ipanema block paraded through the streets, but it was nowhere near the crowds that it brings to the city today.


Nowadays, the Rio de Janeiro carnival on the streets is a unique event during the days of revelry, making the streets explode and attracting thousands of people, many more than those who go to the Sambadrome to watch the parades.


For this very reason, planning ahead is essential so that you can guarantee your place in hotels and know where you are going, how much you will spend, and other important details to avoid last minute hassles.


carnival balls rio de janeiro

The Samba Schools Parade of Rio de Janeiro Carnival


Throughout the year, the samba schools of Rio de Janeiro prepare to do well in the carnival parade and try to win this competition.


The Rio de Janeiro carnival parade has been held for almost 40 years at the Marquês de Sapucaí Sambadrome, which was the brainchild of Darcy Ribeiro and designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer in 1984.


This event already takes place at the Marquês de Sapucaí, but on the street itself, with bleachers and the famous boxes set up there so that people could watch the parades, to be removed after the party.


Since then, the Sambódromo has become one of the city's tourist attractions and is open to the public outside the Rio de Janeiro carnival season.


Samba schools have to develop their own "Samba Enredo" every year and it is sung by thousands of people, with the main focus always being the school's leader.


He is the one who sings on the loudspeaker, and many become famous for their powerful voice and the rhythm they manage to get the audience to sing along with their drums.


The sound of the schools' drums is considered to be one of the most exciting and involving in the world, which is why people always fall in love with Rio de Janeiro carnival.


The Samba School parades always take place on Sunday and Monday of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, so if you are interested in watching one or both days live at the Sambadrome, you should start planning now.


carnival rio de janeiro blocks


Carnival Rio de Janeiro: The Bands and Carnival Blocks


Another great attraction of the Rio de Janeiro carn ival is the street carnival, with the bands and carnival blocks. One of the greatest expectations of the public, by the way, is to know the dates on which each one of them will go out. But what is the main characteristic of this type of event in Rio's carnival?


The blocos can take to the streets in the afternoon or early evening throughout the carnival days, and whatever the day and time, it is normal to see revelers always following them, as well as the bands, who play the carnival marches.


The revelers always organize themselves so that they can go out at a specific time and day, they give names to the blocos, which are ironic or funny, very traditional in Rio de Janeiro carnival.


These names can refer to a certain fact in the city, or even to the place where the group originated, such as the neighborhood, or a joke that gives origin to how they are known.


Carnival bands in Rio de Janeiro are amateur bands made up of musicians who want to play carnival marches and samba for everyone to enjoy.


People then group around the stalls and blocks and follow them all the way around, so that everyone has fun for several hours.


You will find many blocos and bands that not only sing the traditional carnival songs, but also those that they themselves compose for this moment.


The best of all is that there are no impediments to participation at this time, any reveler can join the blocos and bands that are passing by, something traditional in Rio de Janeiro carnival.


The Banda de Ipanema is one of the most famous and is nowadays the one that is always remembered by everyone, going out on the 2nd Saturday before the Rio de Janeiro carnival days, as well as on the carnival Saturday itself.


It is normal for bands to go out at least twice around the city, in the days leading up to the revelry and during the Rio de Janeiro carnival, so people can enjoy themselves for several days.


There are some blocos in Rio de Janeiro that have more than 90 years of history and are very popular in the city.


Some of the main bands and blocos at the Rio de Janeiro carnival, according to where they play, are the following:


  • Simpatia é quase amor and the Ipanema Band on Ipanema Beach
  • Cordão do Bola Preta in downtown Rio
  • Leme Band, Sá Ferreira Band and Santa Clara Band on Copacabana Beach
  • Suvaco do Cristo, in Jardim Botânico, one of the most famous of Rio de Janeiro's carnival


We always indicate, in case it is your first Rio de Janeiro Carnival, that you go at least to see the Ipanema band, which takes thousands of people to the streets.


It parades through some streets in this neighborhood, especially Avenida Vieira Solto, and the people accompanying the band take over the entire street and also the sand of Ipanema beach.


carnival balls rio de janeiro

Carnival Dances in Rio de Janeiro


Another option for those who will enjoy the Rio de Janeiro carnival is to visit the carnival balls. Today, you can find options that fit the pockets and tastes of almost anyone, so it's easy to choose which one you want to enjoy.


Most of these balls don't make big demands on clothing and costumes, and many of them are open to anyone who wants to pay to participate in the Rio de Janeiro carnival.


Scattered throughout Rio, many clubs organize their balls in their own headquarters, but there are also some other places that have their own parties.


For example, there's the Copacabana Palace ball and it's more expensive than most, so you need to prepare your pocketbook if you want to enjoy the Rio de Janeiro carnival there. You can also find some balls that are more thematic and some exotic, such as the famous Scala Ball.


The city hall itself is responsible for organizing popular balls for the general public, such as the one that takes place in Cinelândia, which is in downtown Rio. If you don't want to spend money on private balls, pay attention to the dates that the city hall will announce close to the Carnaval Roio de Janeiro.


Also, research the private balls to find out when and where they will take place and ensure your presence at the revelry.



Carnaval Rio de Janeiro... The Greatest Party in the World!


As you have seen, the Rio de Janeiro carnival is one of the best in the country and is a world-class event, which is why it attracts so many tourists from all over the planet.


In this text, you have learned more about this carnival in order to prepare yourself for 2023, because here we have shown you everything about the street carnival blocks, the carnival balls, and the samba school parades that take place in the Sambadrome.


With this information, you will be able to plan from now on to enjoy the revelry of carnival in Rio de Janeiro next year!


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