Types of Carnival Tickets

Here you will find your ticket for the Rio de Janeiro Carnival.
We have a wide variety: Grandstands, Front Boxes, VIP Boxes and Allocated Chairs.

Feel the Carnaval experience

Transfer to the Sambadrome

Costumes for Carnival

Do you want to take part in the biggest party in the world?
Live the fantastic experience of being part of a Samba School at the Sambadrome. Taking part in the Samba Schools parade will be one of the most fun and enjoyable experiences of your life!

Parade Schedule 2023

Access group

ScheduleFriday February 17thSaturday February 18th
21:00StartUnião de Jacarepaguá
21:45Lins ImperialUnidos da Ponte
22:30Vicar GeneralUnidos de Bangu
23:15 Estácio de SáOn the Spot
00:00Unidos de Padre MiguelPorto da Pedra
00:45 SossegoUnião da Ilha
01:30Saint ClementImpério da Tijuca
02:15 Inocentes de Belford Roxo
ScheduleFriday February 17th
21:45Lins Imperial
22:30Vicar General
23:15 Estácio de Sá
00:00Unidos de Padre Miguel
00:45 Sossego
01:30Saint Clement
ScheduleSaturday February 18th
21:00União de Jacarepaguá
21:45Unidos da Ponte
22:30Unidos de Bangu
23:15 On the Spot
00:00Porto da Pedra
00:45 União da Ilha
01:30Império da Tijuca
02:15 Inocentes de Belford Roxo

Special Group

ScheduleSunday February 19thMonday, February 20
22:00Império SerranoThuti
23:15Rio GrandePortela
00:30MocityVila Isabel
01:45Unidos da TijucaEmpress
ScheduleSunday February 19th
22:00Império Serrano
23:15Rio Grande
01:45Unidos da Tijuca
ScheduleMonday, February 20
00:30Vila Isabel

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