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Rio Carnival
January 2025

🎫 Access Group February 28 and March 1
🎫 Special Group March 2 and 3
🎫 Parade of Champions March 8


Rio Carnival
January 2025

Access Group February 28 and March 1
Special Group March 2 and 3
Parade of Champions March 8


Tours and Tickets

Types of Tickets Rio Carnival

Buy your ticket here and count on the assistance of a specialized Guide to get to the Sambadrome by Metro from the meeting point.
We also offer transfers to the odd sectors of the Sambadrome. We pick you up and drop you off at the main hotels in Rio de Janeiro.

Feel the Carnaval experience

Carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro.

What is the difference between Access Group, Special Group and Parade of Champions?

Every year the Samba Schools compete for the title of Champion of Rio de Janeiro's Carnaval. More than 90,000 people perform throughout the Carnival. Each School has between 4,000 and 5,000 participants. There are 5 days of Parades, divided into three categories:
Grupo de Acesso, Grupo Especial, and Parade of Champions.

Carnival of Rio de Janeiro - Access Group

These two days the tickets are significantly cheaper. Although the schools work with a smaller budget, the enthusiasm and beauty are the same.
The best Samba Schools of the Rio de Janeiro carnival will have the great privilege of participating in the Grupo Especial next year.

Carnival of Rio de Janeiro - Special Group

These are considered the great days of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival Parade.
The best 12 Samba Schools in Rio de Janeiro present all their creativity and novelties.
These are the true magical nights of the Sambódromo.

Carnival of Rio de Janeiro - Parade of Champions

This Parade takes place on the first Saturday after Carnival.
On this night, the 6 best Special Group Schools plus the Access Group Champion repeat their performances.
This is an extraordinary night, and not the most expensive tickets, a great cost-benefit

How do I get my tickets?

For Carnival 2024, the Sambadrome is being modernized to offer a better experience. There are two categories of ticket: Physical and Digital. 

Digital Tickets

Special group grandstands and track seats are in digital format. You'll have to download an app to receive your tickets.

Physical Tickets

The tickets for the access group grandstands and all the grandstands in Sectors 9, 12 and 13 are physical tickets (paper) and must be picked up at our accreditation center located at the Copacabana Mar Hotel.


Tickets for the Camarote Mar and Rio Experience must be collected at the accreditation center for each of them.

Transfer to the Sambódromo

Costumes for Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Want to be the protagonist of the biggest party in the world?
Live the fantastic experience of being part of a Samba School in the Sambadrome of Rio de Janeiro. Participating in the Samba Schools parade will be one of the most fun and joyful experiences of your life!!!!!

Where do I pick up my Rio Carnival Tickets?

Free pickup in Copacabana

Only for: Access Group Tickets, Sector 9, 12, 13 Grandstands and Frisas.

Copacabana Mar Hotel
Rua Ministro Viveiros de Castro, 155 - Copacabana -Lounge BLUE - Floor R

Dates: February 26 to March 3 and March 7 and 8.

Hours: 10:00 to 18:00.

Special Delivery Port of Rio de Janeiro - Maua Pier

Only for: Access Group Tickets, Sector 9, 12, 13 Grandstands and Frisas.

Meeting point: Warehouse 4

Dates: February 28 to March 3 and March 8.

Time: 17:00 to 19:00.

Fee: 80,00 Reais (per order)


Only for: Access Group Tickets, Sector 9, 12, 13 Grandstands and Frisas.

Receive your tickets at your hotel or residence, only in the City of Rio de Janeiro (South Zone, Downtown and Barra).

Dates: February 25 to March 3 and March 7 and 8.

Schedule: 08:00 to 18:00.

Fee: 100,00 Reais (per order)

Digital Tickets

Special group grandstands and track seats are in digital format. You'll have to download an app to receive your tickets.



Need help buying your ticket?

Contact our consultants!

Parade timetables 2025

Access Group

ScheduleFriday, February 28thSaturday, March 1st
21:00Union of Parque AcaríSereno de Campo Grande
21:45Imperio TijucaEm cima da Hora
22:30Academics Vigário GeralArranco
23:15 Inocentes de Belford RoxoUnião de Ilha
00:00Estácio de SáUnidos de Padre Miguel
00:45 Union of MaricáSt. Celemente
01:30Acadêmicos de NiteroiUnidos de Bangu
02:15 Unidos da PonteImperio Serrano
ScheduleFriday, February 28th
21:00Sereno de Campo Grande
21:45Em cima da Hora
22:30Vigário Geral
23:15 Inocentes de Belford Roxo
00:00Estácio de Sá
00:45 Union of Maricá
01:30Acadêmicos de Niteroi
02:15Unidos da Ponte
ScheduleSaturday, March 1st
21:00Sereno de Campo Grande
21:45Em cima da Hora
23:15 União da Ilha
00:00Unidos de Padres Miguel
00:45 São Clemente
01:30Unidos de Bangu
02:15 Imperio Serrano

Special Group

ScheduleSunday March 2ndMonday, March 3rd
22:00Porto da Pedra Mocidade
23:15Beija FlorPortela
00:30SalgueiroVila Isabel
01:45Rio GrandeMangueira
03:00Unidos da TijucaParaíso Tuiuti
04:15Imperatriz Viradouro
ScheduleSunday March 2nd
22:00Porto da Pedra
23:15Beija Flor
01:45Rio Grande
03:00Unidos da Tijuca
ScheduleMonday, March 3rd
23:30Vila Isabel
02:00Unidos da Tijuca

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Christian Tonix
Christian Tonix
All ok. Highly recommended. Muy buena experiencia ir al sambodromo...algo que hay q vivir al menos una vez en la vida...los tickets muy bien y con pase gratis de metro todo muy bien.
Scott A
Scott A
Ticket and shuttle to sambadrome February 2020 I purchased the tickets online from tripadvisor to pick my tickets up in Rio. The experience was excellent we picked our tickets up near our hotel on the day of the carnival and were picked up on time outside our hotel and taken to the sambadrome which was very well organised by the ticket company in Rio . The experience itself was a dream come true for my wife and I as we were celebrating our 25 anniversary and this ticked all the boxes for us We were picked up directly outside the stand area by a very well organised team outside and taken back to our hotel . We booked tickets for the stands in row 9 which were great to see the parades of schools Would recommend tripavisor and also a trip to a Brazil amazing time
Amazing experience I have nothing to complain about, everything is very organized. Service team super attentive and clear all our doubts. It made my experience at the Sambadrome incredible! I'm sure I'll repeat it many times.
Gaius R
Gaius R
Carnival We were very well received by the staff, Punctual, fun, and they even gave us valuable tips for our touring season.
Unique Experience I loved everything! Service rating 1000. Very attentive staff! Vicente is very professional in what he does! I highly recommend it! ♥️
Wonderful!!! The service was excellent, very organized and professional. I 100% recommend this company. We also really liked that they made it easy for us to get to the Sambadrome, made everything easy, cost effective!
Luciano M
Luciano M
Inolvidable parade of champions!!! Quedé muy conforme con el servicio. Retirar los tickets en Copacabana fue re sencillo. Elegí la opción con metro para lado par, y encontre el acceso enseguida. Si bien llovió mucho ese día, no pude irme del sambódromo hasta no ver todas las escolas del desfile de campeones. Ya estoy pensando en volver!
Daphné B
Daphné B
Excellent ! We had an excellent time tonight at the Sambodromo! A unique moment. Thanks for the professionalism and the good organization! We already want to come back 🙂 !
The Party of a Lifetime After reading some reviews on other providers, we opted to get our tickets through Viator as our trusted vendor. Purchasing was easy but pick-up could've been better. You have to locate a store in the Copacabana neighborhood and after showing them our confirmation info, they still struggled to locate our tickets. We opted for the international section, Sector 9, since neither of us speak Portuguese and we know Rio can be a dangerous place. The tickets came with roundtrip metro tickets and I'll be honest, never felt unsafe. We should've been a bit more proactive when grabbing our tickets because we followed Google maps on how to use the metro and got lost trying to locate the entrance to Sector 9. The Sambadrome is all even numbers on one side and odd on the other. We had to walk completely around the stadium which meant walking under a freeway and then up and down what seemed to be active entrance and exit ramps. Finally we located Sector 9! Please note, the international part means that 1 person at each main entrance might speak your language. Once inside you can buy cans of beer, bottled water and tons of Red Bull. Our tickets said 8pm but the first school didn't start until 10:45pm. So we stood under cover from the rain for over 2 hours. Luckily, the rain stopped and to program began. Any other frustration melted away as the pumping music started, the crowd began to cheer and out came the most dazzlingly dressed and energetic humans I've ever seen. Everyone was moving and dancing and smiling. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before and I've attended Chicago Pride when attendance capped at 800K and have done Marci Gras. Nice try but those don't hold a candle to energy of Carnival!
Impressive! We have therefore reserved tickets for the Rio carnival parade on Saturday, February 22, 2020 at the Sambodrome in the heart of the city, we must already know that after having found the ticket online, you must all retrieve it at the office made for this in Copacabana in the morning and not at the last moment and do not think that the confirmation of the purchase and the ticket in soit ! Ensuite il faut ce rendre au Sambodrome et que la fête commence ! The site indicates 20h for the beginning of the show but it doesn't really start before 22h. Bon voyage !

FAQ - Rio Carnival Tickets

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