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Here you will find your ticket for the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. We have a wide range of options: Grandstands, Frisas, Covered Frisas, VIP Boxes and Allocated Chairs.

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Do you want to be the protagonist of the biggest party in the world?
Get into the fantastic experience of being part of a Samba School at the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro. Participating in the Samba Schools parade will be one of the most fun and joyful experiences of your life!!!!!

Parade Schedules 2024

Access group

SchedulesFriday 9th FebruarySaturday 10th February
21:00Union of Parque AcariCampo Grande Serene
21:45Tijuca EmpireIn time
22:30Vicar General AcademicsStart
23:15 Belford Purple InnocentsIsland Union
00:00Estácio de SáUnited of Father Miguel
00:45 Maricá UnionSaint Celmente
01:30Niteroi AcademicsUnited of Bangu
02:15 United of the BridgeSerrano Empire
SchedulesFriday 9th February
21:00Campo Grande Serene
21:45In time
22:30Vicar General
23:15 Belford Purple Innocents
00:00Estácio de Sá
00:45 Maricá Union
01:30Niteroi Academics
02:15United of the Bridge
SchedulesSaturday 10th February
21:00Campo Grande Serene
21:45In time
23:15 Island Union
00:00United of Fathers Miguel
00:45 Saint Clement
01:30United of Bangu
02:15 Serrano Empire

Special Group

SchedulesSunday 11th FebruaryMonday 12th February
21:00Porto da Pedra Youth
23:30Willow treeVilla Isabel
00:45Big RiverHose
02:00Unidos da TijucaTuiuti Paradise
03:15Empress Viradouro
SchedulesMonday 12th February
23:30Villa Isabel
02:00Unidos da Tijuca
SchedulesSunday 11th February
21:00Porto da Pedra
23:30Willow tree
00:45Big River
02:00Unidos da Tijuca

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