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FAQ - Clarify your doubts about the Carnival
of Rio de Janeiro

Carnival takes place every year 40 days before Easter, so each year has different dates.

The Samba Schools Parade dates are: Grupo Acesso 09 and 10 February, Grupo Especial 11 and 12 February and Parade of Champions 05 March.

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For a third party to collect the tickets, the purchaser's authorization must be obtained.

Receive your tickets at your hotel or residence.
We only deliver in the city of Rio de Janeiro (South Zone, Downtown and Barra).
This service has a cost of 70.00 reais.
For a third party to pick up the tickets, must have the authorization of the buyer.

The Sambódromo offers four different types of tickets

Granstands, Allocated Chair, Front Boxes and boxes.

To know more about each of them visit our Ticketspage

Once the tickets have been purchased, refunds cannot be processed. The tickets are acquired by Rio Carnival Tickets through a letter of request from an agency registered with ABAV (Brazilian Association of Travel Agents) in Rio de Janeiro on specific demand made in our points of sale.

If the Carnival Parade is postponed due to the Covid-19 virus or any other reason, we will not refund the money, we will only make the ticket available for the new date.

In case of cancellation of Carnival because of Covid-19 or some other reason we do not refund the amount. The amount will remain as a credit for the next Carnival.


Sector 9 bleachers and sector 12 track chairs, the seats are assigned by lottery. The ticket buyer will be informed of the exact location when picking up the ticket. We cannot inform or guarantee a specific location.

As a travel agency, we always have good lines.



The Samba Schools parade in Rio de Janeiro is the greatest spectacle on earth plus a competition between the Samba Schools.
Each night 6 (six) Samba Schools perform.
The first two nights (Friday and Saturday) you can watch the Access Group Samba Schools parade.
The third and fourth nights (Sunday and Monday) are the magic nights, because you will watch the most traditional samba schools, the Special Group.
The parade of champions is the presentation of the (six) best schools in the Special Group plus the Champion of the Access Group.

The parade order is announced about 3 (three) months before the parade.
As soon as we have the information we will make the disclosure on our website.

Every day is unique and unforgettable. But certainly the first option is to watch on Sunday and Monday of Carnival which are the days when the most traditional schools perform.
The parade of the Champions is also an option if you prefer to watch the six best schools of the year.
Parades of the Special Group (Friday and Saturday are similar in terms of quality of schools).

Grupo de Acesso Friday and Saturday Carnival: These two days are significantly cheaper.
Although the schools work with a smaller budget, the enthusiasm and beauty are the same.
The best Samba Schools will have the great privilege of participating in the Grupo Especial next year.
Grupo Especial Sunday and Monday
These are considered the big days of the Carnival Parade.
The best 14 Samba Schools of Rio de Janeiro present all their creativity and novelties.
These are the true magic nights of the Sambadrome.
Parade of Champions
This Parade takes place the first Saturday after Carnival.
On this night, the 6 (six) best schools of the Special Group plus the Champion of the Access Group, repeat their performances.
This is an extraordinary night, and not the most expensive tickets, a great cost-benefit.

The grades of the samba schools in the Special Group are determined on Ash Wednesday; the winner is declared and the one finishing last is relegated to the Access Group (also called Series A).

The six best-placed teams will return to the Marques de Sapucaí the following Saturday for the parade of champions.

To choose the best schools, the jury takes into account the samba, flag-bearers, percussion instruments, dancers, punctuality, front commission, costumes and floats.

The jurors are personalities with great reputation in the world of samba and show business. With a clinical eye, they observe every detail to choose the best performance.

In our site, in Tickets - Bleachers, Box seats and Box seats, you will find photos, maps and description of each ticket that will help you in your choice.


The sectors in the middle or a little towards the end of the Avenue are excellent, from sector 5 to sector 11. Paying a little more makes a big difference when it comes to the view.

If you prefer, contact us by WhatsApp, phone or e-mail and we will answer all your questions and help you make the best choice.

The event is not suspended, it takes place regardless of the weather conditions. Umbrellas are not allowed inside the stadium so as not to impair the view of spectators. To protect yourself from the rain we advise you to bring a raincoat or buy tickets that have coverage, such as Boxes and Covered Fringes.

Each ticket has its highlights, but without a doubt boxes, fascias and sector 9 bleachers offered an even more special experience.
Our Camarotes RCT Folia and RCT Folia Tropical are our VIP tickets, for their privileged location and excellent buffet service.
The Frisas will make you feel inside the parade
The bleachers sector 9 are numbered and the aerial view is very special.

For people with special needs we indicate Camarote Folia Tropical, Frisas or Frisas cobertas.
Bleachers are not recommended, this seat is on the second floor and there is no lift.

The numbered tickets are the Front Boxes, the Arquibancadas in sector 9 and the allocated chairs in sector 12.

5 years old is the minimum age to watch the Samba Schools Parade.

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The arrival time depends on the ticket you choose.
The Sambódromo opens its doors at 7pm.
Numbered tickets can arrive at any time, because your seat will be reserved.
If you opt for the unnumbered bleachers, it is important to arrive by 8pm to guarantee a good seat.

Every night 6 (six) Samba Schools will perform. Each performance has a minimum duration of 65 and maximum of 75 minutes.
The total duration of the event is between 7 and 8 hours.

Yes, it is allowed to bring food and drinks. You can bring up to 02 (two) 500 ml plastic containers with drink (water, juice, soda or beer) and up to 02 (two) food items (fruit, snack or sandwich). The entry of isopores, glass bottles, aluminum cans, bags, weapons, sharp objects, fireworks and flares is prohibited.
At the sambódromo you will have the opportunity to buy food and drinks at a fair price.

Completely safe. In addition to a family atmosphere the Sambódromo has private security inside and a lot of public security in the street and its surroundings.

This is one of the most frequent questions for those who are visiting Rio de Janeiro during Carnival. There are different ways to go to the Sambadrome.

  • Shuttle service: The best option, safer and more comfortable is to use the round trip transfer service that we from Rio Carnival Tickets offer. We pick you up in more than 100 hotels in Rio de Janeiro and Mauá Pier. You will be accompanied by a tour guide, providing convenience, information and safety. You can make the reservation on our website:
    The Sambódromo has two sides, Even Side and Odd Side, which we call sectors. If your ticket is on the odd side get off at Central Station and walk 15 minutes to the Sambadrome. If your ticket is even side get off at Praça 11 Station and walk 8 minutes to the Sambadrome.
  • Taxi: There are two official taxi companies that can take you to the Sambadrome. One company serves the even side and the other the odd side. Even side: Coopatur tel: (21) 2573-1009 / 3885-1000 Odd side: Coopertramo tel: (21) 2209-9292 / whatsapp +55 21 98008-0055 / [email protected]


Yes, carnival is a joyous celebration and you can go dressed up or whatever costume you wish.

You should be comfortable and in case of rain, take a raincoat.

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