Want to experience the greatest carnival in the world? Come to Rio de Janeiro and discover the Rio de Janeiro Carnival!

Without doubt it is the most famous, most popular and the best in the world!!! No wonder it has been nominated since 2004 by the Book of Records.

The Carioca Carnival is a cultural manifestation where freedom of expression prevails in a creative and amusing way, represented through the samba school parades, carnival balls and street blocks.

It is characterised by irreverence, double meaning names (especially of the blocos), diversity and beauty.

Here everything can, everything is allowed! Always involved with a lot of joy!

Here you will see reports on Rio de Janeiro's carnival from national and international personalities. These phrases demonstrate exactly what our carnival is all about:

"The people take pileups of illusion with football and carnival. These are their two sources of dreams."
Carlos Drummond de Andrade

"At that carnival, therefore, for the first time in my life I would have what I had always wanted: I was going to be someone other than myself."
Clarice Lispector

"There is no sound more spectacular than that of a samba school bateria at Carnival time."
Carmen Miranda

"Rio's carnival is the carnival of beauty. And, unlike what the critics like to say, a year is never the same as the one that passed."
Caetano Veloso

"... we love carnival, because at carnival, everyone gathers with the others, all together: the rich and the poor, the old and the young..."
Bono Vox


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