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Samba Schools Rehearsal | Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Samba Schools Rehearsal | Rio de Janeiro Carnival

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FAQ - Samba School Rehearsal

Samba school rehearsals begin mid-year. Each School has the freedom to choose the beginning of activities. For anyone visiting Rio de Janeiro, this is an unmissable tour.

Samba Schools are distributed throughout the city and neighboring municipalities. Our tour visits the Salgueiro Samba School, one of the most traditional of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival.

Carnival 2022 parade dates: Access Group February 25th and 26th, Special Group 27th and 28th February, Parade of Champions March 5th

The Carnival Parade is a competition between Samba Schools. Each year, schools leave or join the Access Groups and Special Groups. To find out which schools will be participating and the parade schedules, visit the page Home, there you will find all the information.

Carnival is a huge industry that creates work for thousands of people.
Unfortunately, the pandemic canceled Carnival 2021 and brought great difficulties for Samba Schools and those who work with this event, but this is in the past.
Carnival 2022 will take place as normal and promises to be unforgettable!


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