Carnival in Rio de Janeiro: everything you need to know!

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is certainly one of the best known in Brazil and also in the entire world. After all, it is a big party that involves revelers from different places. Revelers following the blocks in every corner of the city or go to the Sambadrome to watch the parade of samba schools which bring the most renowned batteries, costumes and floats.

So it's no surprise that it's the biggest party in the world! Officially, Rio de Janeiro Carnival lasts five days. It starts on Saturday – together with the Special Group Samba Schools parade – and runs until Ash Wednesday.

However, the party itself begins weeks before with dances and blocks. Are you ready to find out everything that happens during these festive days? So, come with us throughout this post!

The types of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Basically, there are three ways to enjoy the Rio festivities. Check out what they are below and find out which one is the most ideal and fun for you:

Samba School Parades

Throughout the year, Samba Schools prepare to compete with each other in the parade. This tradition has been followed since 1984 when Oscar Niemeyer designed and completed the Sambadrome in Marquês da Sapucaí.

To parade, each school brings its “samba plot” which is sung by many people, but led by the handler who sings over the loudspeaker, close to the drums.

They are also part of the Mestre Sala and Porta Bandeira ensemble. They perform rhythmically, as do dancers who even perform acrobatics with a tambourine in hand.

Street carnival

Every year, when Carnival is about to arrive, the block dates are announced so that everyone can get ready to jump a lot! Both in the morning and in the afternoon and at night, groups of revelers dance and sing around the city to the rhythm of the carnival marches.

Some blocks are organized by professional musicians while others are made up of groups of friends who agree on the location, day and time. So they give the block a funny name related to something that happened in the city, in the neighborhood or some joke that involves the members of the block.

Anyone can join the festivities! This is one of the main features of the blocks: everyone can join the revelers and enjoy all the joy of the block!

And there are blocks for all tastes! From those that bring together crowds like Cordão do Bola Preta and Banda de Ipanema to some more relaxed ones like Banda do Leme and Os Imóveis and others that bring together other types of music like rock n´ roll by Sargento Pimenta and themes from series and cartoons in Nerd March.

Carnival Balls

Like the blocks, there are carnival balls that suit everyone's taste and budget. However, with the difference that the costumes tend to be simpler and the parties take place in clubs instead of on the streets.

Some dances are more popular, such as those that take place in Cinelândia organized by the City Hall. While others are more refined and expensive. Like those located at the Copacabana Palace Hotel or themed and exotic ones like those at Scala.

Anyway, what about you? Have you been to Rio de Janeiro Carnival? So, leave a comment and tell us how your experience was!

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